Krabi Birthday

Ko Lanta

Ko Lanta

23 July – 17 August 2012

We flew out of lovely Luang Prabang to not-so-lovely Bangkok returning to the hotel we’d stayed in before. We were hoping for a return of the three smiley swing men, but instead got the surly brother so we gave the musical soiree a miss.

We then got the overnight train with little fold down beds and very little sleep to a confused bus connection where we were herded on and off various different buses until we found the right one which had twice as many passengers as were intended . We got to Krabi town, Krabi province in Southern Thailand and we holed up in a grotty little hotel for two nights. There was loads of building going on here and we watched the sad sight of trees being bulldozed to make way for yet more concrete monstrosities.

We had a brief mini bus trip to hang around for a long time for another mini bus, in the meantime witnessing a nasty scene with the travel agent and a couple of tourists, him shouting across the small room “Don’t shout me!”, it got quite unpleasant with him aggressively slapping stickers on their chests, luckily we got away without any further escalation.

Whoever wrote “It is not about the destination, it’s the journey that counts” has never ridden in a Thai mini bus, they are hell on wheels. The drivers seem recruited from Beelzebub’s school of driving where I’m sure they score extra points for overtaking around blind bends, and shortening their passengers spines by taking every pot hole with a hideous jolt.

Lovely leaves

Lovely leaves

We were glad to arrive on the island of Ko Lanta, the quiet sister of Phi Phi and Samui. It was almost deserted where we stayed, but that suited us fine, we worked, swam and sometimes got a tuktuk into town. I got quite a nasty injury on my heel while we were here, coming out in sympathy for my big brave Sis who was undergoing surgery.

We planned to go to Phi Phi (pronounced pee pee, tee hee!) for my birthday and splashed out on a swanky looking place which cost four times as much as we had been paying. We were looking forward to this special treat, especially since the guide book waxes lyrical about PP, saying things like “it turns brutes into poets”. After a choppy ferry ride over we lurked around the port waiting for someone from our place to pick us up. There are no cars on the island, witch isn’t as peaceful as it sounds as the narrow lanes are full of bikes determined not to slow down and hard working barrow boys shifting suitcases and endless bags of cement (yep, more building). Phi Phi suffered horribly when the tsunami almost destroyed it in 2004, it’s hard to believe now, it’s a really throbbing tourist destination, and this is the quiet season.

Nice towels, shame about the mouse poo

Nice towels, shame about the mouse poo

We eventually got picked up and did our best to keep up as our boy zoomed through the lanes, we got to the part when even his mighty muscles couldn’t handle the incline and we all piled on a clapped out little truck (which did break down later) The place was disappointing, (infuriating actually).

Here’s why: We were made to wait 3 hours while they ‘cleaned’ the room, when we got in there was animal poo on the bed. No security and a work party dumping their stuff outside our room, really rude staff, water that turned off in the middle of a shower and a restaurant that didn’t serve food. There’s more but I don’t want to rant! More than anything we were annoyed with ourselves for booking ourselves in for four nights without checking it first, ah well… you learn!

Birthday Collection

Birthday Collection

Whinging aside, I had a wonderful birthday. Sweet Matt had put out a call to friends and relatives to contribute towards a celebrant course I want to do when getting back to UK. I have already done this kind of work, (non-religious creative ceremonies), but I’m really keen to develop my skills and get out there as a freelance celebrant. I was so touched by people’s comments and feel very affirmed that this is the right direction to go in, thank you so much those of you who chipped in, it really made my birthday very happy. It’s not too late if you still want to! Go here.

After Phi Phi we scuttled back to Lanta, this time staying a bit further down the coast, this place was a bit busier full of gorgeous people working on their tans around the pool. There was a funky-little-shack bar here where we met fellow travellers and shared a few beers.

Bonny boats

Bonny boats

We left this little haven for more god-awful trips, one night in Krabi, a mini bus to Hat Yai where we had a gruesome overnight stop, made really disturbing by seeing a dog get run over. We got up at 5am the next day to catch the train which turned out to be 2 hours late, which took us to Butterworth in Malaysia, then a taxi to Georgetown. We were feeling pretty exhausted and dispirited by now and getting increasingly anxious about the imminent return to England. We’d planned to do another all day overland trip but decided to sod the expense and fly to Singapore, that we we will hopefully arrive back in some semblance of good repair.

So now we’re counting the days, until the end of our Grand tour, it’s with mixed feelings and a considerable dollop of anxiety that we are contemplating the close of this extraordinary chapter. Five nights in Penang, two in Singapore and then London, we’re really excited about seeing some dear faces again and starting the next chapter of our life adventure. Thanks for travelling with us dear blog reader.

Love Fran and Matt

Birthday sunset

Birthday sunset

Look! more lovely pics


1 thought on “Krabi Birthday

  1. Safe travels Fran and Matt. I dreamed last night that you retraced your stops on the way back home, stopping back in Berkeley along the way, and Fran and I got to have an art date 🙂 Thinking of you as you make the transition back to everyday life and home.

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