Waiheke – Island of hippies and millionaires

Valentine's Day

I had read about Waiheke in an English magazine, it looked beautiful, and it is!

It used to be only inhabited by hippies and artists and Aucklanders would joke you could see the smoke from that distance. The art is still in evidence but so are the millionaire mansions which have been going up in recent times, 70% of them uninhabited most of the time.

Our bach

We took the short and speedy ferry ride from Auckland and caught a cab with a very friendly driver to our home for the week. This was a little cabin or bach (pronounced batch) in a gorgeous lush garden setting with an eccentric old greenhouse to lounge around in. We shared the grounds with a Steiner kindergarten and were treated to the touching daily sight of the little kids in their bright sun hats walking through the trees, closely followed by a gang of excited ducks. These ducks became a major source of entertainment and we concluded we’re often happier doing these simple things than being ‘proper’ tourists and being herded around with a bunch of anonymous camera clickers.

We arrived on Valentine’s day and walked across the beach to a restaurant, we tried to capture this romanic moment on camera but had to abandon it as we looked like idiots! We spent money we don’t have but had a very nice time with lots of wine, we’d forgotten to bring a torch and ended up getting lost on the way back!

Sea dream

I’ve been busy arting all along our journey using a combination of digital art, photography and working in my books with my portable ‘studio’. This is a small bag with a selection of paints and pens. It’s an interesting challenge limiting your creativity to whatever materials are availble. I have put some of my work up for sale on Red Bubble, you can buy a canvas, a mounted print or a greetings card for a couple of quid. If you’d like to support a gypsy artist click on the link below and have a look.


Thanks y’all

Gallery pics here:

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