12. Wonderful Oaxaxa

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Here is some of what we have done so far in this magical city, and the outskirts of San Pablo Etla:

Been warmly welcomed into the lovely community in San Pablo Etla.

Fell in love with Bailey the Basset (F)

Went to a rock band in a tropical garden.

Learned some Spanish (Matt at school, Fran on headphones)

Had video featured on ‘The worlds biggest Summit’, reached over 100 subscribers to my website (F)


Worked out some songs with sweet and cheesy harmonies.

Walking  up the hills at 7am with a pack of 16 rescue dogs.

Composed ‘Mezcal Meanderings’ for lovely friends Mary and Bill (M)

Visited cemetery on Day of the Dead, lit by 1000’s of candles.

Went to wild traditional local dance (Comparsa) and got relentlessly persued by a masked old man.

Musical mix up, mayhem, magic and mezcal with the Bodega boys.

Ate tamales and had some soul searching conversations about life loss and travel (F)

Stayed awake while the band played on at 4am (M) Sang loudly in Spanish in sleep (F)

Went to a traditional Mayan concert (M)

Designed label and t-shirt for girl power Mezgal (F)

Moved into our city apartment on Independencia, spent some time adjusting to the noise.

Did a gig with Radio Insecto (M)

Took a load of photos inspired again by the wonderful colours and contrasts here. (F)

Transcribed Brazilian bosanovas (M)

Had dodgy bellies.

Watched the entire 3 seasons of ‘Slings and Arrows’.

Got gate-crashed by a determined cat at 2am.

Writing story of our journey starting September 2008 (F)

Worried about money and ate a lot of bread and pasta.

Joined a New Zealand house sitting agency.

Listened to some crappy audiobooks.

Watched the wonderful young dancers in Llano Park.

Worried about mum. (F)

Dried my hair in the sunshine up on the roof (F)

Went to a Lila Downs concert at the Guelagetza stadium.

Did some meditation.

Made some new friends.

Got bitten by mosquitos.

Skyped with Stu, Jayne, Sadie, Alice, Dumbledore, Simon, Sheila, Chris, Elisabeth, Kate, Tom, Alice and Lucy.

Bickered, loved and laughed.

Felt blessed and lucky.


And here is Fran’s Smilebox slideshow with loads more pics and music by Lila Downs.

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